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Credit Card shop and Dumps shop - Information: in-depth dumps, credit cards, paypal accounts & bank logs. Credit Card shop and Dumps shop - Information: in-depth dumps, credit cards, paypal accounts & bank logs.

Credit Card shop and Dumps shop

- Credit Card dumps or Master Card dumps, Credit card market, Credit card shops or Dumps shop, Dumps Market, In-Depth information about dumps and credit cards
Credit Card shop and Dumps shop

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Credit Card shop and Dumps shop

Hello friends , i want to tell you something about Credit Card shop and Dumps shop , Today 80% of online credit cards shoping sites are not safe , they are valnurable and hackers can easily steal your cc information and use your card info to shop online with your money.

Once your cards get hacked and hackers sell your credit card information on many black market sites or on forum , and some people sell them on irc and mirc or icq groups .


We will inform you with legit sites those sell cards online and some dumps shops will be listed in our site for free information.

Better stay with us for future updates , and i will give you free information about cc shops , and dumps shops.


What is the game about credit cards shops ( Once your cc info is steal those are sell over the internet for cheap price $5 to $50 and there are many sites. Dumps shops provide dumps information and that can be used to write on the card and once the dumps information is written on any cc , than that is take to the store and can be used for free shopping.

Hackers buy free stuff with your card or your dump data that is written on the card , and they resell and make money very easily and they never get caught.

Hacker sell cards or dumps to get money and they are smart enough to sell them on the market and they never get caught , because they are not using it but normal person who use dumps or credit there is higher risk of getting caught by cyber crime control team , so better stay safe and don’t try someones private information without they wish.

2 thoughts on “Credit Card shop and Dumps shop


Hello admin , can you also list the legit Dumps shops?
So i can know more who are verified dumps seller.
Because now days lots of scammers are running fake shops, You have provide good info on dumps and credit cards and i am glad i found the site so i request you to post legit sites for credit card sellers and dumps seller.


    Sure we are looking forward to make our site more active and we will list Verfied Dumps sellers sites list also we will tell more about verified credit cards sellers. So no more people will get scammed by anyone and we will always here to help.


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