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Latest Method How to card Amazon Giftcard - Information: in-depth dumps, credit cards, paypal accounts & bank logs. Latest Method How to card Amazon Giftcard - Information: in-depth dumps, credit cards, paypal accounts & bank logs.

Latest Method How to card Amazon Giftcard

- Carding Methods
Latest Method How to card Amazon Giftcard


How to card amazon Giftcard

  1. NB: I specifically requested a high balance business card, they cost more but are the
    best in terms of balance and for longer charge bck.
  2. The cc I use was from New york city so I had to buy either a socks from new york city or
    rdp from same city. I prefer working on rdp so I went to Flyded.com and bought an rdp for the
    city cc is from which new york city. Be careful to check the proxy score of the rdp you’re
    purchasing before you buy and make sure it has 0.0 score and check blacklist too and make sure
    everything is clean. Also when searching for rdp buy one with admin rights so you can createyour
    own user on the rdp.
  3.  For my stripe setups I always purchase domains and pay with btc so I have domains that are
    paid for one year so I go to cpanel and create a domain email address with first name off cc
    holder on one of my domains. You can use gmail or yahoo but from my personal experience carding
    off a domain email lowers risk score on website fraud prevention and adds some legitimacy to
    orders. For better success when carding, use a domain email or any paid email.
  4.  I log into the rdp go t mozzilla and go to about:config searched for peer.connection.media and
    toggled to disable… what this does is disable webrtc which usually leaks dns…. this is important
    for when you are using socks5.
  5.  I go to whoer.net and make sure everything checks out and I got 100% anon which is good. I go to ip-score.com and proxyscore is 0.0 and good to go.
  6. I went to Amazon.com and registered with the email I created, then added cc to my paymentand made sure billing and shipping is correct.
  7.  I browsed amazon for a while adding different products to my cart etc and acting like a normal user.
  8.   I was looking for goods that take a month or more to ship cos this is important and the main experiment idea. I found a couple of items that would be ready and shipped in the next 1 month or more there many of this on amazon esp zustom made furniture, beddings, or gym or industrial equipments etc. I found 2 and added to cart.
  9.   went to check out page and used the cc I saved already in my amazon settings and I used the real cardholder billing as shipping which is important and means other is genuine since its going to cardholder address. the idea is to card as much gift cards as I can then cancel the item I shipped to the real cardholder before it gets delivered. This is a very important part.
  10.  The order went through easily and I logged out and let the account rest for a day.
  11.  can back the following day and went to gift cards and added a $200 giftcard to my card and selected a birthday card and wrote a customized birthday message to my daughter and added another gmail I created in my fake daughter name. Example if cardholder was INFORMATIONTWEAKS I would send the gift cards to someone like WHITEWORLD@gmail.com etc so you gotta create another email for the gift card recipient and make sure the surnames are same and there is a connection example children or wife etc.
  12.  When writing the custom message on the gift card, write it like a normal shopper would do so if its flagged for manual review it would still pass.


  1. I paid for the gift card and it went through and I got it in my email in the next 40 mins. Tried
    $300 and it went through and I quickly used the gift card. This is important cos if you don’t use
    it in time it would get canceled when they have chargeback etc so you gotta spend it as soon as
    you can cos once its spent they can’t take it back.
  2. I went to cancel the original bulky items I shipped to cardholder. So this is basically how I was
    able to card amazon gift cards. I did it a couple more times and it worked till I moved on to my
    other stuff.

TIPs: Make sure to keep the first gift card order around $100-$200 then go up on the second
time but make sure you don’t do it immediately come back like a few ours later or the next day
and card another one with a message and act like the first gift card you sent them wasn’t enough
to cover what they needed to get. Goodluck to everyonE.

Note : Carding is Illegal and We provide the topic only for knowledge purpose, Stay safe and have fun.

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very good explained detailed method on how to card amazon thank you , i will try this trick to get some gift cards.
i will share this site with my friends so they can also learn more about how to card amazon.


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